February 2019   
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7:00 PM
221 Fox Street
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Sunday School

WOW! What a place to be in every Sunday morning to feel the Love of Jesus. That's what happens every Sunday as young children are taught the word of God.

With a highly qualified staff of teachers Sunday School provides a unique and challenging learning experience for all age groups. Classrooms are arrayed in colorful decorations that capture the spirit of the current theme. Teachers are prepared with "hands on" illustrations, biblical storytelling and craft activities to strengthen the message that is communicated to each young heart.

The Word Aflame curriculum is utilized as the primary teaching tool in our Sunday School classes. Word Alame Publications is a powerful yet relevent teaching curriculum for all levels of learning. Richard M. Davis, editor of Word Aflame Publications shares the following mission statement:

As Christians we shall serve God every day above all other priorities, for only through a genuine relationship with Him may we be effective in our ministry and service to others. We shall always view our labor as ministry to others, not as mere work or a job;

Word Aflame Publications is not just a job! We exist to serve God and those who will learn from our work. Only as we serve both well are we effective in serving either. In all that we do we shall do our best to please and serve both as true Christians. We shall endeavor always by every ability and with all the strength given us by our Creator to provide to our students Christian literature that meets the following criteria:

1. Doctrinally correct

2. Spiritually perceptive to the times

3. Inspirational

4. Cosmetically attractive

5. Educationally and grammatically sound

6. Flexible to varying needs

7. Delivered to the classroom on time.

Come and join us, you will be blessed to be a part of church that's on the move to reach people of all walks of life.