February 2019   
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Discipleship Classes


Discipleship 101:

An excellent opportunity for someone seeking to build a strong relationship with God. It begins with the basic fundamental principles of Christian living and builds a strong foundation through the principles found in the scriptures. This class is an excellent way for someone to strengthen their grip and it provides necessary, practical  tools that can be utilized in every facet of life. Students receive fill-in-the-blanks lesson handouts each week and are given simple quizzes to challenge their personal study at home during the week. 

Discipleship 101 Curriculum

1.    My Father's House

2.    God's Grace

3.    Hiding The Word In Our Heart

4.    How To Pray

5.    Spiritual Warfare

6.    The Fruit of the Spirit

7.    Knowing God's Will

8.    The Christian Family

9.    Your Pastor and You

10. The Gifts of the Spirit


Discipleship 201:

A ten week in-depth look at some of the important doctrines that surround God's plan for successful Christian living. This course is a little more like a Bible College curriculum, challenging the student to "rightly divide" the Word of God and probe deeper into profound biblical truths. Every lesson is packed with scripture! When all is said and done there are no questions left unanswered on the topics it embraces. Discipleship classes are interactive opportunities for the student to ask questions and spark discussions that become an important part of the learning experience

Discipleship 201 Curriculum

1.    The Mighty God In Christ (part 1)

2.    The Mighty God In Christ (part 2)

3.    The New Birth (part 1)

4.    The New Birth (part 2)

5.    Creation versus Evolution

6.    The Christian Life (part 1)

7.    The Christian Life (part 2)

8.    The Terms Of Our Relationship

9.    The Unruly Member (controlling the tongue)

10. Christian Stewardship